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Suzanne and I would like to welcome you to our website that has been online since 2002. This is the second version that went live on July 1, 2012.

Our home base is Dallas, Texas but we are not retired!  Since 2017 we have been spending more time in Nalca to help complete the Old Testament translation and assist this people's group with practical needs.

We continue to promote Vision 2025 broadly and recruit Bible translators, including nationals from Indonesian tribal groups, we are most interested in encouraging Christians everywhere to pray faithfully for Bible translation and the many language groups around the world that are still without Scripture.  Indonesia has more than 700 languages!

Thanks for befriending, following and supporting us.  We especially want to thank those that have followed us during our 44 year career, even BEFORE the Internet and social media existed ;-)

News Briefs

May 1  We are back in the USA and traveling through the Midwest and east. We are currently in Ohio and heading for Philadelphia around the middle of May.

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"The Seed Sowers" by Gwen Toliver including a story about us in Papua.

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Roger & Suzanne Doriot have provided linguistics support, medical and general relief in southeast Asia since 1975.
Authoritative Expertise:  Advancing Vision 2025 in Indonesia and Beyond, Papua, Irian Jaya, Sumatra, Asia, Linguistics, Mother Tongue Translation.

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