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While our core Internet "home" is this website, we have introduced other ways for people to follow us.  Read further to find out what they are as well as some challenges that we are experiencing in trying to communicate.




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If you change your email address or other contact information, we will not be able to send you our e-News.  There is no need to unsubscribe and resubscribe with your new address.  Simply open a copy of e-News that we have sent to you in the past and look near the bottom for the link, "Update Profile", or "Update Information".

e-News Archive

Attention e-News Friends:

Many of you have followed us around the world via email for more than 20 years.  As our time is limited, we leverage it by relying on a professional and Christian owned IT company from Canada to manage our large database of followers and bulk email system.  With this in place, we receive important feedback that tells us if our followers receive our email and where they are reading it (ie, country, mobile device, computer).  Regular email does not offer these statistics nor can it be used to send thousands of emails per month.

Since 2013, we have seen a significant drop in the number of supporters that read our email.   Fewer than 25% open our e-news and we are only one of hundreds of thousands of bulk email users that are in trouble!

It's all about SPAM!  Anti-spam technology and laws have been largely ineffective and do little more than create additional work for us.  Newer anti-spam technologies do a great job of eliminating most spam at the uncontrolled expense of causing most legitimate bulk email, like ours, to disappear into users' email accounts where it is nearly impossible to find.

Here are some ways to make sure that you receive our e-News:

1.  Add the email address that our email was sent from to your address book.  We use more than one email address so we suggest creating a new contact with our name and as you see a different email address, add it to this contact.
2.  Check your spam box and if one of our emails is there, mark it as "not spam".
3.  Gmail users: Check your promotions tab.  (See below)
4.  Use a different email provider.

GMAIL:  Our statistics show that Gmail users are the least likely to see our email.  Why?  In late 2013, Google launched a new process to "categorize" email.  The intent was to make it harder for "spam-criminals" to penetrate Gmail inboxes while separating legitimate "marketing" from private email.  The IT industry now knows it is a major FAIL, most of it caused by Google themselves.  Users should see new "tabs" at the top of their inbox, but most do not.  The new "promotions" tab is most likely where most of our email is going.

Can't find your promotions tab?  Neither can most other users!  Here are the instructions to do this, courtesy of our IT management consultant.  (Note:  Yahoo and others have implemented similar systems. Please consult online help to find out more about them and how to find hidden email.)

1.  From your main Gmail page, click on the "Gear" (top right below your photo).
2.  From the drop down, select, "Settings".
3.  Scroll down to "Categories" and click "show".
4.  Go back to Inbox and you should see new category tabs above email.
Attention Facebook Friends:   Many of our friends are missing our postings.  Facebook is broken.  Since 2011, fewer than 15% see our news.    We are one of hundreds of thousands of page owners that have been impacted by these changes.  There is no cost-effective means to reach all of our friends with Facebook.

To make sure that you see as many FB posts as possible, we recommend that you go to our page, mouse over "Likes" and select both "Get Notifications" and "Show in News Feed".  To make sure you keep seeing our posts on a regular basis, "Like", "Share" and comment on our postings!

Thank You!

Thank you for your prayer as we continue to plan and evaluate our communication strategy.  A special thanks to many of you that have supported us (prayer, financial, volunteering, etc,...) during these years that we have dedicated ourselves to Christian service.  Our collective reward will be seeing many souls that we, as God's fellow workers, have been harvested for the Kingdom of God!

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