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Mar.3  Suzanne and I have done a lot of travel throughout Indonesia in the past five weeks.  Roger also travelled with a friend to Thailand for a few days.  We are now in Papua to see our kids and friends. 

Jan.28  We are back in Indonesia until May.  We will be visiting Brian and many of our friends in N.Sumatra.  Roger will be going to Thailand in February and then meet up with Suzanne in Papua at the beginning of March.  We expect to make one trip to the interior to visit with our friends in the village that we lived in for over 30 years.

Jan.11  We are having serious issues with our technology here in Asia.  Roger's cell phone is missing, two computers are not reliable.  This has all happened since hours before leaving the USA.  We believe that this is a direct enemy attack.

Jan.04  We are on our way to southeast Asia to visit our daughter and son-in-law.  They are expecting another child this month!  Then we return to Indonesia for three months! Please pray for us as we travel and make sure you see our travel calendar!

May.27  Our Papua friend and colleague, Otto Kobak, went Home to the Lord yesterday!  Otto was the Head of the Evangelism and Missions for the GIDI National Church and the primary national translator for the Yali complete Bible.  He was an example of integrity, faithfulness, and fruitfulness to a degree seen in very few national believers and leaders in Papua.  Pray that the testimony of his life will inspire thousands of Papuan believers and that more will be accomplished in his death than even in his very fruitful life - for the Lord's glory!

  We are preparing to fly into the Papua interior and visit our friends.

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  We will be travelling extensively throughout Indonesia over the next few weeks including places that we have never been before.  We are learning that there are amazing opportunities for Bible translation opening up.

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Feb.13  A powerful eruption of volcano Mount Kelud, located o
n the mostly densely populated Indonesian island of Java, has resulted in the evacuation of more than 100,000 people and closed seven airports.  Please pray for the Christians and peoples of this part of Indonesia.

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There was a massive eruption of volcanic Mount Sinabung in North Sumatra  this morning.  More than 30,000 people have been evacuated for the second time in as many months and there is widespread property and crop damage.  Please pray for the Christians and peoples of this part of Indonesia.

Today we begin a two week road trip that will take us to Toronto, Canada, Ohio, New York, and parts of the south east USA.    
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Aug 14  This website will undergo a significant systems upgrade in the next few days.  During this maintenance, access to the website from our primary site,, will be impacted.  The backup site,, will be available.  Thank you for your understanding.

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Jul.1    We are doing our final planning for a road tour to southern California beginning July 11!  See our travel calendar and contact us today if you would like us to visit your church or community group to present Vision 2025!

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May.27    We are planning our summer road tour to southern California! Contact us today if you would like us to visit your church or community  group!

May.3    We are on our spring road tour that will take us to Chicago, Ohio, Michigan, Ontario (Canada) and West Virginia.  If you subscribe to our e-News, we can notify you in advance when we will be within approximately 100mi of you.

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Mar.1  NEW! We have just launched our Flickr PhotoStream! See our newest photos of Nalja and other parts of Indonesia!
Feb.27  PRAISE!  We have returned from the interior of Papua and had a great time visiting and encouraging our friends in and around Nalja!  A report is coming in our March e-News.
Feb.21  Suzanne and I are in our "hometown" of Nalja, deep in the jungles of Papua, for the next five days.  There are reports that fighting between the tribes in the area continues.
Feb.16  Suzanne departed Chicago enroute to Indonesia today.  The long trip will take nearly 48 hours and require four flights. The longest flight is nearly 15 hours between Los Angeles and Taipei.
Feb.12  PRAISE!  More than 10,000 celebrants at GIDI Church 50th Anniversary at Mandala Stadium, Jayapura.  We distributed 2000 copies of the Vision 2025 Prayer Calendar.

Feb.9  Roger is at the GIDI Church Conference in Sentani and will present to all of the conference delegates today about Vision 2025, Mother Tongue Translation and how they are important to delivery of the Gospel to Indonesia.

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Jan.25  Suzanne and I are pleased to announce grandchild #6!  On Friday, January 25, Jon and Rachel welcomed their third son, Joshua Rafe Doriot, weighing in at 7lb.4oz. and 20in. long!  He's a new brother for Brendan and Jadon!  Suzanne will travel to Chicago this week to help them for about two weeks.

Jan.14  This week we welcome new two "virtual assistants" to our team! Grace Dugger, from Vancouver, WA, and Donna Williams, from Atlanta, GA join Rita Falanga from Jarrettsville, MD and Celia Crowley in Philadelphia, PA, in helping us with the day to day work required to keep our work moving forward.  We could use more help. If you have some adminstrative skills, a computer with reliable Internet connection and a little time, please contact us today.

Jan.9  Our January 2013 E-News was emailed today!  If you did not receive it, please check your spam box or subscribe today.  Visit our "Connect" page to see the e-News archive.

Jan.2 ~ ANSWER TO PRAYER!  Our car was written off as a result of an accident in December.  After negotiating with the insurance company, we settled with $1000 more than they had originally stated would be paid out!  We have found a low cost Buick Century that we will use for a few months.  When we return from Asia in April, we will need to replace it with another vehicle that will be more appropriate for a lot of highway travel.  Thanks for praying and if you know of a slightly larger and more comfortable car for long highway travel that would be available in the spring, please contact us.

Dec.25 ~ TODAY we formally launched our E-NEWS!  We have sent email news to our followers for years using our personal email.  Even though it is more cost effective than postal mail, it is very restrictive and time consuming when trying to communicate with the thousands of people that we have met in the past 38 years.  Our new system is fully automated and will help to redirect that time to other essential work!  If you want to hear from us on a regular basis, please subscribe today!  If you missed it,  HERE is our FIRST email - a Christmas Card to all of you!

Dec.7 ~ The Tolivers (Mom, Dad and "small" brood of 8 kids) are close friends of ours here in Dallas.  John & Gwen are Wycliffe Associates here at the International Linguistics Center.  Gwen has just published her new book, "Seed Sowers Gospel-Planting Adventures", a collection of stories about modern missions including a chapter about us!

Do you know someone in your circle of influence that is interested in Christian missions?  Why not purchase a copy of this book for them?  It's an inexpensive gift idea and a great introduction to missions, especially for young people.

You can learn more about the Tolivers from their family website.  (See our Partners and Resources page.)

Prayer Requests

If you have a need that requires prayer, please contact us and we would be happy to include it here so that all of our friends can take your request to our Heavenly Father.  If you would like to pray for us systematically, our Prayer Calendars are a great guide!

Jan.11 Roger's cell phone has gone missing.  Please pray that it be found. We also have other technical issues.  Pray for us, we believe we are in the midst of spiritual warfare. 

Jan.9  Pray as Roger travels to Bangalore India to visit a Christian school and churches.

Jan.4  Pray as we leave for India. Pray for our family there as they expect their next baby this month.


June.1 PRAISE!  Anak Ajaib, the two year old son of our friend Yenis and his family has been found alive and well nearby!

  Prayer partners are needed for our Papua friend Yenis and his family as they pray for the safe return of their two year old son that has gone missing from Sentani.

  Pray for the family and friends of Otto Kobak who went Home to the Lord today.

  Pray for us as we travel today - Roger as he flies to Sulawesi for a week and Suzanne as she flies to Sentani, Papua.

Apr.19 Pray for us as we spend a few days on Nias Island and meet new people.

Apr.2 Pray for us as we fly to N.Sumatra for a few weeks to work with the Batak.  Also pray for our co-worker, Pastor Richard, who helps us with logistics and introduces us to churches, pastors and many others.

  Pray for Roger as he speaks at a large conference in Jakarta about Papua church relations.

Mar.25  Pray for us as we leave for Indonesia today for three months.

Please pray for Roger as he prepares to travel to the east coast to visit Indonesian churches next week.

Feb.13  Please pray for the people of Indonesia as many are now displaced as a result of the recent volcanic activity in various parts of the country.

Feb. 4
  PRAISE!  Our grandson, Brendan, is back home in Papua and on the mend!  Please pray for a full healing.

Please pray for us as I minister in the Houston area this weekend and Suzanne participates at a conference of Christian nurses.

Jan.27  Please pray for our grandson, Brendan, who was contracted dengue fever in Papua and was airlifted to Indonesia a few days ago.

Please pray as we prepare for a road trip to the north east USA and Canada next week.

Jan.1  Please pray as we plan this year's travel that will include another trip to Indonesia in the late spring.


Aug.26  PRAISE! The Lord provided us with a new car, just in time for our next road trip in two weeks!

Aug 15 Our California road tour is complete and we are headed home. Please pray for everyone that heard the message about Vision 2025 and that they will respond.  Also, pray for travelling mercies for us as we return to Dallas by this weekend, Lord willing.
July 30 We are still in need of another car.  Pray that we find the right car soon.

July.4  Pray for an increase in our support so that our needs and ministry expenses are provided.

July.1  Pray for us as we make final arrangements for meetings and accommodations for our summer road tour to southern California.

Jun.25 Praise the Lord for many new e-News subscribers since we restarted it in December.  Pray that many will share our e-News and our burden for Indonesia and Vision 2025.
Jun.15  Continue to pray for MANY Christians and churches throughout Indonesia to become more aware of and involved in Bible translation.
Jun.1  Pray as we continue to reach more people with our E-Missions (Website, e-News, social media).  Pray that we locate appropriate news to share with the thousands of "virtual" friends around the world.
May.15  Pray for capable and faithful volunteers to help with the heavy load of communicating with the thousands of contacts we have on the Internet.

May.1    PRAISE that Roger's eye is healing very well!  Roger is cleared for our next road trip that begins tomorrow. (See "Current Status")

Apr.24   Pray for us as we plan speaking engagements for our Spring Tour in May.

Apr.17  Pray for Roger as he has cataract surgery on his left eye today.

Mar.25  Please pray for Suzanne as she returns to Dallas today.
Mar.25  Please pray for the many new people I have met in Jakarta in the past few days that they will understand the importance of MTT and reaching out to their own friends and neighbours.
Mar.11  Please pray for the students and staff of Nommensen University in Pematangsiantar North Sumatra that they respond to my message about Vision 2025.  Also pray for others in this part of Sumatra that we have met and delivered the same messsage to in the past week.
Mar.3  Please pray for a friend of ours from Nalja.  His wife went Home to the Lord today after illness.  They were living and working in Sentani. They also have a 5mo old baby.
Feb.21 Pray for Suzanne and I as we reconnect with our friends in the Papua jungles in and around Nalja.  We expect to be doing more "peace-keeping" in addition to consulting with and coaching the translators.
Feb.16 Pray for Suzanne as she travels from the US to Indonesia on four flights that will take nearly 48 hours.

Feb.9  Please pray for the delegates and leaders of the GIDI Church that they will understand the significance of Vision 2025 and MTT.

Jan.29 PRAY for close friends of ours the are battling serious spiritual warfare.
Jan.28 PRAY for Ron Falanga, husband of our VOA, (Virtual Office Assistant) Rita, who is in the hospital for the second time in as many months.

Jan.28 PRAY for Suzanne and I as we prepare to return to Indonesia for two months.  Roger leaves on Saturday Feb.2 and Suzanne will join me in mid-February.

Jan.3 PRAISE for our son Brian that has been accepted and begins studies at the Graduate Institute of Applied LinguisticsPRAY that Brian finds the additional $400/mo that he needs to cover his expenses.
Jan.2 PRAY for another Indonesian Church Relations Coordinator to work with Roger.  See "Staff".
Jan.2 PRAISE that we received a more than fair settlement for our car after the collision in December.  PRAY that we find another car after returning from Indonesia in April.
Jan.1 PRAY for us as we continue our Vision 2025 quest in 2013.  PRAY that the Lord turns around our $2500 monthly financial shortfall that is causing us to re-prioritize our work and cut back on travel.
Dec.25 PRAISE that we have launched our monthly E-News!